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TOPIC: first time

first time 1 year 4 days ago #83959

;) Just joined (Adelaide,Williamstown,South Australia). I have just bought a 2005 pt c and love it. One problem the bloke I bought it from as had the ECU check out because the light came on (he is a mechanic) and spent $745.50 on 2 oxygen sensors 1. pre and 2. post, the light still came on. Any suggestions by anyone who may know about these issues.
Is there any truth in that when the ECU is replaced it is linked to your ignition key.
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first time 1 year 3 days ago #83960

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It needs to be scanned and the error code read
Once you have the error code or codes it will pinpoint the problem
And yes all ignition parts including the key must be coded to the ECU

To get a correct diagnosis you may need to take it to a Chrysler Dealer or someone who knows PT's
In most cases not just any mechanic It may cost a little more but at least they know what they are looking at.

Welcome to the wonderful world of PT ownership
When the are running fine, they are a great car
When they are not you'll wish you never bought it.
Which is not all that often, same as any modernish car(2000 onwards)
Colin & Joan

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first time 1 year 3 days ago #83962

Cheers i2s2bme.
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first time 7 months 3 weeks ago #84395

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:ohmy: ... :( $745 on 2 $50 oxy sensors you kidding me what I have learnt from owning my PT for nearly 10 years and my Jeep XJ Cherokee for 5 yrs is that most mechanics only know Holden Ford and Toyota anything else is :unsure: Get a Manual Do your research get parts online Rockauto in the USA is great PT & Jeep parts 3 weeks from the USA to the QLD Outback in 3 weeks :woohoo: Check all your other sensors TPS Idle Air and map sensors fail as the car gets older and the kilometres
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