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TOPIC: Another central locking issue

Another central locking issue 5 years 9 months ago #80365

Hey all,

Just found this forum while lurking around for a few solutions for my central locking on a '05 Touring. While being a few years old now she only has 60,000km on her and am trying to keep her in good spirits so am trying to sort this out asap.

Basically two mornings in a row I have woken up to the cruiser constantly 'unlocking' itself - I don't believe it was locking also. I had a read around and got to the disarm switches of the car but now she won't cycle the locks again. So I cannot be certain they are playing up. However - I have recently realised that when it was acting 'possessed' that the lights would 'flash' (in the same manner as when pressing unlock on the key fob). Alternatively when I use the key in the locks the lights do not flash. This seems to draw me to the conclusion that it is the RKE module that needs replacing and not the door switches due to this fact.

Frustratingly the issue hasn't happened for 48hrs now so it is difficult to know if it has sorted itself (unlikely) or if I need it all fixed asap - as such I'm a little hesitant to drive and leave her anywhere lest it unlocks (and advertises) itself.

Cheers for any help!
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