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TOPIC: Remote Locking - Not quite working

Remote Locking - Not quite working 3 years 9 months ago #82814

  • cosmichobo
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After it being present during my test drive, the keyfob for my PT Cruiser disappeared by the time I picked the car up... with a story about the mechanic tossing it out because it didn't open/close all the doors properly.

Well, they have found and sent me the fob now, and by the looks of it, it works fine - except for the driver's door, which sometimes does open/lock, but sometimes does not.

At least when it is trying to lock, you can see the actual lock knob moves a few millimetres down, then slips back up. So evidently it is TRYING to lock, but failing. Though - sometimes it works perfectly.

My thought therefore is that this is NOT a failing of the fob, but rather the central locking mechanism in the driver side door. Indeed - I suspect that a few times when I've locked the car from the passenger door, it has NOT locked the driver door. (At least once...)

So... can someone point me to a schematic/instructions on how to remove the door trim, and play around with the central locking?? :)


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Remote Locking - Not quite working 3 years 9 months ago #82831

  • Richie
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G'day Cosmic, by the sound of it I had a similar problem with one of my rear doors would only lock sometimes and vice versa. And the noise is like a short buzzing. Tech lesson for the day. Inside the lock is a spinner that catches a small gear (the buzzing noise) and spins either way depending on the way the motor is told to drive by the lock god inside. The spinner wears and wont catch the gear. End result you need to replace the lock actuator unit. Simple job by undoing a couple of screws and pull off the inner door facia panel. The actuator is behind the plastic sheet. Press your lock button a few times to locate it. By disconnecting the wire arm off it and trying the lock button again will confirm the unserviceable actuator. I cut my actuator in half with a saw to see how it worked but tightening the spinner and glueing back together only got me a fortnight of serviceability. Bleams may be able to help.
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Remote Locking - Not quite working 3 years 9 months ago #82833

  • Britinoz
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G'Day Cosmic
There is a detailed video of removing the door trim on Youtube
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