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TOPIC: Not a really pretty sight!

Re:Not a really pretty sight! 7 years 3 months ago #78696

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Some valid points there Col...

Age doesn\'t really have much to do with it these days; it\'s much more to do with kms traveled. Years ago age was a factor, particularly in relation to rust, but in modern vehicles this is not really a factor.

The distance covered is the key factor, and 300K is pretty bloody good I think.
If you think back to the 60s, 100,000 miles (163,000kms) meant a reco engine. In the 80s if you got 200K you had a lot of luck. (Have had cars from all decades since the early 70s, and have been through it!)

In the 60s, 70s, and 80s there were a lot of engine re-conditioners around; GEM, REPCO, Lynx, and countless other workshops doing the job. These days it\'s hard to find a \"normal\" engine re-conditioner, probably because most workshops say \'if it\'s done 300K chuck it away\'.

The \"average\" Aussie car travels 15K per year, so after 15 years it\'s done max 250K and is probably shot due to lack of regular servicing and care.
Therefore ours at 10 years has done double the average, and apart from now needing some engine reco work is still going strong- if you look at the pics the cam shafts have zero carbon deposits, and although not visible, the valve springs looked like new, no carbon build up at all. Regular oil changes are worth every penny!

Also, our clutch (still the original), although being replaced, the plate itself still had 2/3 left on it, just the pressure plate had almost had enough. The pistons had some scoring and are therefore also being replaced, as well as valve guides, valve stem seals, most gaskets, oil pressure sender, thermostat, radiator cap, hoses, etc. etc. (all still original), stuff you would expect on any car with 300K.

Yes, for the money we could have bought a second runabout/daily drive. However, that would also need servicing, maintenance, replacement of parts that failed, and would lose about 30% of it\'s value each year doing the 50K per year that Moni (and you) are now doing, and at 300K would also need major work or would have to be replaced- having little or no value....
Also, how reliable would it be? How much do I know about it\'s history? Will it let Moni down on the freeway on her way to work?
And she would be driving a car that she didn\'t like/love.

It would also need to be insured and registered, in addition to the PT, a further $1K per annum.
\"Cheapies\" are generally only cheap at point of purchase, ownership of them is not necessarily so- even cheapies require service and maintenance.
Or, one could of course buy a late model ultra reliable diesel commuter car (eg. VW Golf, common rail). At 200K the injectors need replacing, only $1200 each, plus fitting and computer programming! A real bargain!

Of course, the above comments are just my opinion, but we have thought about the options, done the sums, and that\'s the reason that we went down the road we did (or up, i.e. northwards).

See you on the road again soon!
Steve & Moni & her Bat-Cruiser
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