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TOPIC: My RC scratch built toy - Mudgy

My RC scratch built toy - Mudgy 2 years 10 months ago #84250

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Hi All,
Here's a few vids of the RC dragster I built. Off topic, as it says, but if you like things on wheels...

a few stats
Poulan 44cc chainsaw engine
mathematically correct expansion chamber (17,280 RPM drawn out of this puppy)
Stainless steel drop axle - front (from brewery pipes)
S/S rear axle (steam pipe)
brass tube silver soldered frame
Go Kart fronts are the rear wheels
billet custom rear hubs
hand made S/S steering system, adj, camber/castor
Alloy checker plate engine floor pan
hip flask fuel tank
hand laid fibreglass body
clutch shatter shield is a S/S desktop calendar base
parachute is a golf umbrella - modified
Alloy plates (3mm) is street signs (6061)
wing struts = carbon fibre arrow shafts
wing = lithographic printing plates recycled
front wheels are pneumatic from an electric scooter - had to be custom balanced with an RC aeroplane propeller balancer (that was a task)
split transmission. Industrial gears lightened to the "N"th degree.... ratios adjustable here from 7.2:1 down to 2.68:1 (11 ratios to choose)
rear sprocket is the disc rotor (rear chain has to run dry - one flaw)
rear caliper is from an industrial machine, but it is just like the ones you'd find on a ride-on mower
2.4GHz radio, 3 channel. On board telemetry.
1. on board volts (receiver pack)
2. Engine temp
3. Engine RPM

I can't get it to rev any higher, the air is being sucked into the crankcase through the oil seals.

I remember asking a mower shop guy years ago.... "how many RPM does the average chainsaw do?"
he says , "8 to 9,000"
I say "what about if I build a pipe?"
He says, "DOUBLE!!"
I say, "what about if I ran it on nitro?"
He says, "I wouldn't do that!"

He was right.... only because it's such a pain to jet a walbro carby up to run methanol/castor oil/ nitro. Otherwise I'd have a go.
Plans in place are for a Stihl forestry saw when (not if) this motor detonates..... 90cc, 9HP out of the box..... running one of them on a pipe....WOW....
Some 1/4 scale dudes in the USA use a SOLO motor 90cc, but the crankcase is custom billet/ported on NOS.

So yeah, you could say I get a bit carried away sometimes with stuff ! Open expression on this build, no boundaries, just thoughts turned to paper....paper turned to patterns.... patterns turned to parts.... parts turned to assemblies..... on and on it goes !!

Cheers, Mudgy
Good Judgement comes from experience....experience comes from bad judgement.
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