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TOPIC: Buying older pt cruisers for a newbie

Buying older pt cruisers for a newbie 1 year 1 month ago #83347

just looking for some advice when buying a Pt cruiser
some of the questions I have as I am looking to buy one and have found googling answers to populated by stories of my friend has one .. and its rubbish . I thought id ask the experts
1. do you recommend Auto or manual for Suburban dwellers

2. What's years were good and what were Bad
3. how many KMs is too many , as this car is no longer made its hard to locate cars with low km and are they ok in hot weather
4. GT appears to be loved , what are the issues with the Turbo and is it easy to live without it
5 .Has anyone towed a trailer with them 1000 Kg seems to be the limit
6. this may seem odd but are they easy to get on ramps without damaging the car ,
so you can change the oil
7. what are some classic tick list items to look for when buying , and yes I'm not afraid to get under a car , whether I can get up again is another matter.

sorry this is a lot of questions but I really prefer to ask people who have owned them for years and know the issues but persevere because they love them .
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Buying older pt cruisers for a newbie 1 year 4 weeks ago #83349

  • PTmunji
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Hi and welcome.
1) Personally I only drive manuals - much better fuel economy and lower maintenance/repair costs than an auto.
2) No real good or bad years. 2000-2002 had paint dramas on bumpers, otherwise pretty consistent.
3) Ours has over 400K, a bit of work along the way but still going well. Only real thing with higher kms is timing belt replacement anywhere between 130K & 160K. Like ANY car, if they are well maintained they have no problems with hot weather.
4) GT in Australia is only a trim mid. Any turbo here is retro fitted, factory turbos were never sold here. Ous does lots and lots of freeway driving; they're not performance machines but we have never really thought "needs a turbo".
5) 400kg is absolute towing limit, as per factory specs.
6) I don't have ramps, always used jack & stands.
7) Only real weakness to look for compared to other cars is rear lower control arm bushes wear, and when timing belt replacement is due.
Depending upon where you are I know of a good one in Albury, pretty low kms.
Steve & Moni & her Bat-Cruiser
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Buying older pt cruisers for a newbie 1 year 4 weeks ago #83350

  • Richie
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Hi V and also welcome. Glad you are thinking about a PT Cruiser with the millions of choices out there it's just whether it's your heart, wallet or reports on the vehicle of choice. (If I could get into a low Ks perfect condition 770 Valiant Charger for $5000 I would probably not be driving a PT Cruiser, well.....maybe not). Anyway, they are like most other cars as in will get you from A to B but no-one looks at a Hyundai or Nissan Patrol. EVERYONE looks at a Cruiser especially if you trick it up. (There's heaps of after market stuff, chrome, parts, etc for them). I am no expert but am learning as I go and have had my 2005 model for nearly a year. It has the usual problems like any other car as in coolant, brake pads, door lock played up, window switch broke and a few others that I either fixed myself or was done by a shop with no dramas. As per ANY other car, you have to have a real good look before buying remembering that the youngest PT is nearly 7 years old. Unless stored in a shed you could expect 20,000 km per year I guess as a good bench mark and as per PTMunji's response, check the logbook for the timing belt at 130-160 ks as it could be curtains if it breaks whilst driving (but a lot of new cars have timing belts with the same criteria and problems if the belt goes).
I would say auto for city because of the stop/start, but the manuals are more zippy and economical (plus they sound better especially if you boot it through the gears!).
As per PT Munjis responses, all years are ok, they seemed to have changed the dashboard/centre console between 05 and 06 from retro hotrod style to gentlemans (no offence to the respective owners reading this) and its horses for courses as to which dash turns you on.
Turbo is up to you but the manuals are zippy enough. Apparently there are some alternate hop-up kits that can put a little more zap into the power sides of things like power chips and engine work.
I wouldn't tow any thing more than a box trailer lightly loaded.
I do my own oil changes and have made 1mtr hardwood ramp extensions to drive along onto my ramps as the underside of the front bumper WILL foul on the ramps. The oil filter is right in front of your eyes there very easy accessible.
One good thing about the PT Cruiser is that even though it looks like a retro hotrod (and so a lot of people say), you can still use them as a daily drive as opposed to sunny weekends only.
We are happy with our Cruiser and in the long run intend keeping it as a cult car for shows etc.
Hope this helps out. Keep asking us questions and someone here is sure to help.
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Buying older pt cruisers for a newbie 1 year 4 weeks ago #83352

Thanks Pt forum its good to hear solid advice from people who own and love the Car
Unfortunately I'm in Melbourne but I'm looking in the $5k range 2006-2009 RWC the lower the Kms the better and have to confess I'm fond of something in Black
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Buying older pt cruisers for a newbie 1 year 4 weeks ago #83353

  • i2s2bme
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Hmmm I know of a Special Edition 2010 lowish K's in your price range. Black as well
I have just sent them a message.
It is in Sydney though
Also there's an 04 I think its black that was looking at being sold when we were in Albury and its down your way as well
Colin & Joan

UHF: Ch19
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Club Mail: PO Box: 357 Figtree, NSW 2525
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Buying older pt cruisers for a newbie 1 year 4 weeks ago #83354

ahhh shucks you guys are the best
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